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Get your very own 3D printed purple saxifrage for the special price of $115 (regularly priced at $200)

Digital Avatars

The purple saxifrage for Peace to commemorate the visit by Pope Francis’ visit to Nunavut.

A dedication to Pope Francis, to all peoples on earth and those beyond. Designed by Apex 3D Inc., a local indigenous owned Design & Print Studio. Manufactured in Iqaluit with an all Indigenous team.

REVERSE ENGINEERING: Customer — Commercial Boater

Reverse Engineering

Whether you have a part to reproduce for which no drawing or 3D model exists, or you need to quickly redesign or simply modify an existing part and either mill or 3D print it.

3D DESIGN FOR UNIQUE PRODUCTS: Customer — Local Harvester

Product Design

If you can envision it, we can design and print it. Uniquely made or modified from existing equipment, you have the ability to customize your design the way you want it. Designed by you, for you.

TOPOGRAPHIC AND COMMUNITY MODELLING: Customer — Governments and Planners

Topographic Modelling 

Delivering extremely-high-precision drone scans provides 3D measurements that are among the best in today’s cutting edge scanners, providing comprehensive part inspection for resource industry, geological and archeological map rendering. 

HERITAGE AND ART REPRODUCTION: Customer — Museums, Inuit Organizations and Schools

Heritage, Art & Design 

We can scan and create replicas of cultural objects, allowing you to preserve them for posterity and digitize collections. 

CORPORATE GIFTS AND FIGURINES: Customer — High Fashionistas

Corporate Gifts

Customize your corporate gifts in thoughtful and unique ways. Various colours and patterns including your corporate logo can be printed on replica heritage items in small or large quantities. The object is scanned, printed and customized according to your needs — a thoughtful way for individual giveaways, presentations and thank yous.

3D SCANNING: Customer — Museums, Inuit Businesses and Schools


The artifact is meticulously scanned into computer where it is mapped and rendered for the printer’s output. Each stage is verified for accuracy of reproduction. Materials, colours and scale can be modified as required. Multiple units can be produced at various scales for different applications.

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